Crush 크러쉬 and Coronavirus

Feeling the pandemic blues?

While we find ourselves stuck inside, confined to our apartments- there’s never been a better time to crank up the kpop and binge a kdrama!

While the kpop industry continues to release new albums and singles during this trying time, there is one artist who has really stood out: Crush (크러쉬)

While other artists seem to be moving on with a business as usual attitude, Crush has chosen to confront pandemic blues directly and has offered us some lyrics that we can’t help but identify with.

Take a listen to some of this artist’s recent work Mayday and Ohio

  • “Awake or asleep| drowning in my own thoughts”
  • “bored like a pebble stuck in a crack, yeah | I wanna enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass”
  • “eat sleep repeat, not much is going on| sitting still on the sofa, you know the stress”
  • “I did nothing today but I’m exhausted”
  • “How can it be so hard to relax”

  • “still nothing has changed”
  • “Frankly I’m not feeling much”
  • “Tired of how slowly time passes| Just wanna run like crazy| Hate myself for being anxious”
  • “I’m not fine, I’m not alright oh girl I know”
  • “Can’t remember the last time I was out”

All I can say is that Crush has pinpointed pandemic vibes and I can’t help but listen to these songs on repeat. He understands our pain.

Whoever is out there reading this- wishing you guys all the best as you tackle this difficult time.

Stay safe!




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