Drama Drop: Vagabond 배가본드


Title: Vagabond 배가본드

Language: Korean

Episodes: 16

Release Date: September 20 – November 23 2019

Starring:Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy

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Cha Dal Geon is a young stuntman struggling to provide for his orphaned nephew. When Hoon, his nephew is killed in a plane crash, Cha Dal Geon becomes determined to prove that the disaster was the result of a terrorist attack. Enter Go Hae Ri, a secret agent for the NIS who is more of a rookie than she would like to admit. Eager to prove her worth, she is convinced to help Cha Dal Geon investigate the crash and the two begin to uncover corruption wherever they turn.



The main hero Cha Dal Geon is a stuntman who never imagined he’d be putting his kills to use in ‘real life’. As such you can imagine that this series is full of neat tricks both believable- and unbelievable. Nevertheless, you will definitely enjoy this action-based drama that follows a network of secret agents attempting to overthrow government corruption.


If you are looking for a drama full of mystery and unexpected plot twists, LOOK NO FURTHER! I was incredibly impressed as this drama continues to throw unexpected wrenches into the plot.

If you enjoyed The K2 then you will definitely like this drama (I would go so far as to say that it is better than The K2).




If you are in it for the romance- this is not the drama for you. While Cha Dal Geon and Go Hae Ri share some tender moments, these two have yet to confide their feelings to one another… a whole 16 episodes later!

While we have high hopes for the couple in the upcoming (hopefully) next season, romance just isn’t a priority in this show. If you watch with romantic expectations, you will most likely be disjointed and unrewarded.

Thinking Deeper

This drama will cause you to question what you think know versus what you really know. While things may seem clear, sometimes what the characters know as truth and the snippets of conversations that the audience is able to witness align differently from what is really going on. Is the perspective the show gives you truly unbiased?


Overall, This drama has made it to my list of top 5 favorites! I’m absolutely in love with the action, mystery and excitement the show brings.

I highly recommend this drama and am looking forward to a second season.